So a couple of really nice folks named Marty, Kris and Will run a farm down in Fairbury, Illinois. In fact, that farm's been there for eight generations, which makes it the oldest family farm in Livingston County. It's called Spence Farms, and they're at the forefront of organic sustainable farming, growing all kinds of delicious fruits and vegetables.

Lucky for us, we get to use a lot of their tasty stuff, and turn it into real good juice.

But the main reason we like working with Spence Farms so much is because they're a lot like us. A bunch of people who like to work real hard and make real good stuff. They're dedicated to making the freshest, safest, healthiest products, and so are we.

So if you ever find yourself down in Fairbury, say hi to Marty and the gang for us, and tell them thanks for making such good stuff for our juices (if not, dont worry, we tell them that all the time).

"They're just almonds," says Nate. Who's Nate, you ask? Well, Nate's a almond farmer for Fat Uncle Farms out in sunny California. And as you can tell, he's pretty modest. Nate's almonds aren't just any old almonds. They're hand-picked from the richest crop of almonds in the entire nation. And the best part is, they go from harvest to our shelves within two weeks, so they're full of live nutrients and antioxidants right here in our store.

But one thing we love about Nate and his wife Bekki's 18-acre almond farm is their unwavering devotion to sustainable farming. Over the course of sixty years spanning three generations, their family has lived and breathed almonds out there in lush San Joaquin Valley.

Just almonds? Nate's a pretty funny guy. You should meet him sometime, he's a real hoot.